Who is Garffman?

“I am Garff Man…the man who travelled the world, from Lebanon to Taiwan, Korea to Thailand, China to India, and Europe to USA…

Garff Man bring the world’s different cultures and tastes right to your doorstep!
I am the man in constant hunt for creative ideas to suit your requirements, the perfect items to match your demand, the best prices to meet your pocket budget, and finally the effective and efficient service to meet with your deadlines and standards.

Creative, motivated and dynamic as I can be, leading a trendy lifestyle, I dive in the world of gifts, constantly scratching my head with new ideas to add colorful flavors to your identity, venturing to make a success out of every opportunity!”



How can Garffman help you?

 Although there are many factors that affect a customer’s brand choice such as packaging, pricing and promotions, brand awareness is the second most important factor after quality. According to theory, consumers choose a brand they recognize, before an unfamiliar brand.
The main use of promotional items is to provide brand awareness. Almost anything can be branded with a company’s name or logo and used for promotion. Promotional items and business gifts are the most effective way of promoting your company, ideas, and events, from open days to product launches, meeting to conferences and exhibitions.
In a time where everyone wants to save money, one question comes to mind: what promotional strategies do I use to get the world out? Many marketing strategies would budget for promotional items to promote their business and brand.
Research has shown the high effectiveness of promotional items in raising brand awareness. For example 76.1% of people that participated in a survey were able to recollect the name or logo of companies that gave them free promotional items. Also an incredible 50% of the people who received corporate promotional items from a company supported that same company afterwards.
Our principal goal is exceeding the expectation of every client by offering outstanding efficiency, keeping and developing with him a long term business relationship based on full confidence and reliability.
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